ACS is the how in Howard County


Who We Are

The Association of Community Services (ACS) is a dynamic network of 100+ Howard County member organizations and individuals serving more than 100,000 Howard County families and individuals.

ACS members come from every area of Howard County's human services community. They include:

  • government agencies;
  • non-profit organizations;
  • for-profit organizations;
  • faith-based organizations; and
  • individuals who are concerned about human services.

We are a membership organization supported by volunteers complementing a small staff.

What We Do

Our Members Make a Difference - We Make it Easier

ACS advances human services in Howard County by offering members the information, support, training, education and connections they need to:

  • operate successfully;
  • provide services efficiently;
  • inform the community about their services; and
  • address pressing human services issues

Our efforts are dedicated to improving the lives of Howard County residents. We are the premiere organization for connecting you with the community thought leaders and cutting edge information so you can effectively lead your organization or cause. We invite you to join us.
Other Ways You Can Become Involved:

  • Attend ACS Meetings and training events to connect with other like-minded individuals in the room.
  • Volunteer to serve on an ACS Committee.
  • Submit a nomination, attend or sponsor the Annual Audrey Robbins Humanitarian Awards.

Join ACS as a Member
As a member, our commitment to you is twofold:

  1. provide you with the information and knowledge that is relevant to your needs, and
  2. help you make connections with other members and professionals that are relevant, worthwhile and purposeful in nature.

Membership is about you. Every membership is it should be.


Our Strategic Mission

The mission of ACS is to develop, support, and promote the Howard County nonprofit community with education and training, advocacy, and community connections.

Howard County is a community where individuals and families have access to the human services they need.

Respect:  ACS believes that all of its members, the people they serve, and their cultures have the right to be valued, respected, and included in the life of the community.

Inclusiveness: ACS believes that a strong human services system is known to the community through outreach efforts that minimize physical, cultural, and language barriers.

Quality: ACS believes that human services are accessible, client-centered, delivered by qualified staff, well managed, and accountable for outcomes.

Collaboration: ACS believes in collaboration among advocates, non-profit, faith-based, government, philanthropic, and business communities in developing comprehensive solutions to human services needs.


ducation and Training: ACS will provide education, training, and information to help members achieve their missions.

Advocacy: ACS will provide proactive leadership to influence human services policy and human services delivery systems based on reliable data and best practices.

Community Connections: ACS will create opportunities for its members to network, collaborate, and build relationships with each other and with community leaders.

Communications: ACS will build a brand and communications that are current, relevant, and understood through the community.

Sustainability: ACS will ensure the relevance of its services and the stewardship of its human and financial resources.

Approved by the ACS Board of Directors on December 2, 2010.

The Association's principal sources of income are dues, partnerships, event sponsorships, foundation grants, and in-kind donations.

Association of Community Services

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