Association of Community Services of Howard County
Implementing the ACS strategic plan is carried out through a series of committees reporting to the Board of Directors so that the Board can make effective decisions. ACS depends on volunteers from its membership to support the work of its part-time staff.



Work Schedule

Board Development

1.     Identifies persons meeting Board-defined criteria for positions on Board of Directors

2.     Convenes persons thought to offer potential as good Board members for orientation about ACS

3.     Contacts and recruits candidates for officer and director positions and prepares slate to be mailed to the ACS membership at least 30 days before the Annual Meeting

February – April 1-3 meetings


1.     Oversees publication of newsletter and evaluates its usefulness to ACS and its members

2.     Plans special section of Business Monthly focusing on human services

3.     Handles media contacts for ACS committees and activities, as requested

4.     Identifies and implements means for enhancing ACS visibility in community

5.     Evaluates the success of its work

Year-round monthly meetings

Public Policy

1.     Studies issues concerning use of resources and quality and accessibility of human services and makes recommendations to ACS Board

2.     Arranges periodic meetings with State and Howard County executive and legislative officials to present and interpret ACS positions.

3.     Represents ACS in joint activities with other organizations relating to governmental affairs

4.     Evaluates the success of its work

Year-round monthly meetings, bi-monthly during legislative session

Member Services/Financial Development

1.     Identifies, recommends to the Board, and initiates revisions and/or additions to the programs provided ACS members

2.     Oversees all member services once established

3.     Annually conducts membership satisfaction survey

4.     Recommends to the Board a Partnership and event sponsorship program annually.

5.     Evaluates the success of its work

Year-round monthly meetings

Education and Training

1.     Plans annual schedule of Hot Topics, General Membership Meetings, and Training programs for Board approval.  Secures locations, issues invitations and publicizes all education and training events.

2.     Recruits volunteers needed to assist in staffing activities.

3.     Evaluates the success of each annual event

Monthly meetings

Audrey Robbins Awards & Annual Meeting Luncheon

1.     Seeks nominations for Award; evaluates all candidates and makes selection

2.     Schedules and plans Annual meeting, including date, location, charge, program, publicity and speaker

3.     Evaluates the success of each annual event


1-3 meetings.

Association of Community Services

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